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Middle East Crisis

The situation:
On Aug. 4, 2020, two explosions from a warehouse storing large quantities of ammonium nitrate rocked the central district and port of Beirut, Lebanon, equivalent to a 3.3 magnitude earthquake. They damaged buildings as far as 12 miles away, including several major hospitals, and led at least 190 deaths and an additional 5,000 injuries. Over 300,000 people were left homeless. In addition to the devastation caused by the explosion, Lebanon is facing the COVID-19 pandemic and a financial crisis.

Our response:
Lutheran Disaster Response is contributing to an appeal from ACT Alliance to offer relief to the people of Beirut. This support will allow the Middle East Council of Churches and Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees-Joint Christian Committee to provide assistance to those affected by the explosion and financial crisis. Activities will include rehabilitating homes, distributing food and hygiene kits, supporting the recovery of small businesses and providing electronic devices and school kits for students.

What you can do:
Please pray for the communities impacted by the explosion in Beirut. May God's healing presence give them peace and hope in their time of need. Pray that God will deliver comfort to those who mourn and strength to those who are working diligently to contain the fires and care for affected communities.

Your gifts to "Middle East Crisis" will be used in full (100%) to assist those affected by the explosion in Beirut until the response is complete.

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