Gathering Leadership

The ministry of the Gathering is dreamed, planned and executed by Gathering leadership, which consists of nearly 98% volunteers and a small full-time staff out of the ELCA churchwide organization. These individuals pour their hearts and energy into the ministry of the Gathering, MYLE and the tAble so that congregations can experience this life-changing faith formation experience.

Gathering Staff

Deacon Tammy Jones West
Deacon Tammy Jones West (she/her)
Director, 2024 ELCA Youth Gathering

Meghan Olson
Meghan Olson (she/her)
Coordinator, Event Logistics and Administration

Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson (he/him)
Manager, Engagement and Resources


Our directors serve in a volunteer capacity, so we ask that you do not contact these individuals directly. If you have questions about the ministry of the Gathering, please contact the Gathering office.

Dr. Kristen Contos Krueger
Dr. Kristen Contos Krueger (she/her)

Tom Hoegel
Tom Hoegel (he/him)
Community Life

Deacon Jessica Liles
Deacon Jessica Liles (she/her)
Interactive Learning

Rev. Kim Adams
Rev. Kim Adams (she/her)

Dr. Kelly Sherman-Conroy
Dr. Kelly Sherman-Conroy (she/her)
Multicultural Youth Leadership Event (MYLE)

Rev. Jonathan Vehar
Rev. Jonathan Vehar (he/him)
the tAble

Dannica Olsen
Dannica Olsen (she/her)
Synod Champions

Rev. Jennifer Schultz
Rev. Jennifer Schultz (she/her)

Rev. Brenda Smith
Rev. Brenda Smith (she/her)

Chris Marien
Rev. Christian Marien (he/him)
Mass Gathering