Event Programming

The Gathering consists of four program areas: Interactive Learning, Synod Day, Service Learning and Mass Gathering. Congregational groups will be assigned to a rotation schedule to experience Interactive Learning, Synod Day and Service Learning.

Interactive Learning is a space for participants to engage and be immersed in the life and breath of the church, the community of God. Through a variety of mediums, participants will engage in learning opportunities that support the mission of the Gathering and its theme, and that lift up partner organizations or groups, all in the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Synod Day is when you will gather with congregations in your geographic area for worship, conversation, communion, music and learning about how boundless our God really is. In the past, Synod Day was held in hotel ballrooms; however, for this cycle we are excited to be hosted by local congregations. Participants will be transported with their synods to their host congregation for this program day.

Service Learning is an opportunity to take part in the Twin Cities’ great story and live out our Lutheran faith by being God’s hands and feet in the community. Participants will be able to work alongside our neighbors in the Twin Cities and share meaningful conversations with them. Participants will be transported to their Service Learning site that morning.

Mass Gathering is a time for all our Gathering participants to gather and experience church at U.S. Bank Stadium. This provides a unique experience for participants to come together to sing, dance, pray, learn and ponder their faith. On Thursday, everyone will come together for worship, blessings and safe travels as well as an opportunity to share communion with 30,000 other people.