Overview and Key Dates

The Multicultural Youth Leadership Event is a pre-event to the Gathering. It empowers young people of color and those whose primary language is not English.

MYLE 2022 will be held July 21-24, 2022 at the University of St. Thomas. The cost for MYLE is $190 per person and covers all housing and program expenses as well as most food expenses during MYLE.

To learn more about previous MYLEs, follow the event on Facebook and check out photos from past events.


Registration for MYLE is a part of Gathering registration, which is currently open. The cost for MYLE will be added to your congregational balance, due in full by June 22, 2022.

Event Details and Schedule

The MYLE team is hard at work in planning for #MYLE2022. They are implementing a very strategic and intentional direction for cultural awareness in all facets of their planning. Some of the sub-teams that are working on programming and the logistical components to MYLE include:

The Cultural Awareness Team, which is creating a training curriculum that will be used to train all volunteers of MYLE, the tAble and the Gathering. In addition, this team is working on creating a cultural awareness workshop for youth and adult participants will attend at MYLE.

The Immersion Day Team is partnering with congregations to host workshops led by BIPOC leaders that will focus on celebrating and teaching about the amazingly diverse cultures we have within the ELCA. MYLE participants will end their Immersion Day with a celebration!

The Chaplains will be connecting with groups as they prepare to arrive at the University of St. Thomas as well as follow up with groups after their MYLE experience. Chaplains will be trained in cultural awareness, de-escalation, trauma, and healing. The Chaplains will also be creating a space for participants during MYLE to talk.

The Health and Wellness (Safety) Team is not only focused on physical safety but the mental health of all participants. In addition to the Gathering’s Infoline, they’ll have on-site mental health professionals, dedicated mental health spaces and ways for people to connect or take breaks if needed.

The Music and Worship Team is implementing an even more diverse and inclusive experience for not only music time together as a large group, but they are also creating breakout spaces in the common areas with special guest musicians of different ethnic communities for participants to learn and enjoy.

The Community Life Team is working with the various Ethnic Associations of the ELCA and some other mission partners to have an interactive area to help participants network and become connected to programs and organizations that can fully support them as BIPOC youth.

Small Groups and the Workshops team is creating content for pre-event, on-site and after MYLE. The workshops will address the last year and a half while creating a platform that teaches and empowers BIPOC youth. There will be about 12-15 different workshops participants can pick from.

More information around the event schedule will be available in the Spring of 2022.

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2022 MYLE Theme

We are so excited to share the theme for the 2022 Multicultural Youth Leadership Event is "Made Free" based on 2 Corinthians 3:17: “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

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MYLE Memories from
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