MYLE Registration

The Multicultural Youth Leadership Event is a pre-event to the Gathering that is intended to empower young people of color and those whose primary language is other than English to claim their story as a part of God's story.

In order to stay true to the mission and ministry of MYLE, we ask that if you are interested in bringing your entire congregational group to MYLE, that at least 50% of your group are people of color or those whose primary language is other than English. If your group does not meet this requirement you can register individual youth of color or those whose primary language is other than English to attend with an adult leader. Individuals will be connected with their congregational group after MYLE to participate in the Gathering.

We remind all those who are considering attending MYLE that this is a pre-event for the Gathering, and that their experience will be enhanced by Gathering programming following MYLE.

Registration for MYLE is combined with Gathering registration, which opens Sept. 15, 2017. If your congregation will attend, please check the MYLE box in the registration database. The cost for MYLE will be added to your congregational balance, due in full by May 2018.

The cost for MYLE is $190 per person and includes all housing, program and some food expenses during MYLE.

According to Texas law, all adult leaders for youth events on college campuses must complete a one hour, online Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Training Program. The cost for this training is paid for by the Gathering. After registering, you will receive a link to the course. The successful completion of the course must occur by March 1, 2018. Adult leaders who do not successfully complete the course will not be allowed to attend MYLE.


MYLE Housing

If you plan on arriving early (June 22 or 23), please be aware that the $38 fee for housing per night per person will be added on to your final balance due through the Gathering registration system. That fee does not include meals for early arrivals.  There are several fast food restaurants nearby or you can eat in the U of H dining hall. The meal costs are as follows: breakfast $7.75, lunch $8.50 and dinner $10.00 for all early arrival. During the MYLE dates, all housing, food and program costs are included in your registration fee.


MYLE Transportation

Transportation from the airport to the University of Houston is provided for all participants arriving prior to Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 11pm. A reservation system for airport transportation will be available in the spring. Please note this system is separate from the Gathering airport shuttle sign up. Gathering Transportation will take all MYLE participants to their assigned hotels on Wednesday, June 27th.