The churchwide organization, together with the ELCA’s congregations and synods, ensures a solid foundation of leadership, active involvement in communities, opportunities for dialogue and diverse perspectives, creative partnerships, and support for members and ministries of the ELCA. The churchwide organization’s work and functions are guided by the Churchwide Assembly, the Church Council and four elected officers. Our staff and officers work at the Lutheran Center in Chicago and remotely from locations around the world serving as administrators, advisors, conveners, partners, and resource people for the ELCA and its ministries.

The work God calls us to do in the world is never done alone or in isolation, and the churchwide organization plays a key role in developing and supporting a culture of interdependence, diversity, and common mission across all expressions of the ELCA and its partners. If you are interested in joining us in this work, please consider a career opportunity or internship. You can view current job openings and apply by clicking the link to the appropriate job board below.

U.S. Opportunities

Email People Solutions for more information or assistance.

Global Service Opportunities

You can also explore international opportunities with other organizations. Email Global Service for more information or assistance.

Outside Career Opportunities

These outside career opportunities are submitted by organizations and ministries affiliated with the ELCA. This listing is updated monthly. If you have any questions about, or wish to apply to, any of these job postings you must contact the respective person or organization named. ELCA churchwide organization staff cannot assist with, or respond to any questions related to, outside career opportunities.

If you represent an organization or ministry affiliated with the ELCA and wish to advertise your career opportunity in the next edition of this listing, please complete this form.

Notice: Rostered ministers and lay leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America who apply for a position in the churchwide organization must have completed Rostered Minister Profile papers on file.

The ELCA Call Process is a prayerful way in which the ELCA 65 synods engage their congregations, church-related organizations and rostered ministers

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