Congregational Stewardship

We are a church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace — our congregations are evangelical mission centers where courageous and wise stewards are grown. Congregational stewardship begins with a healthy understanding of gratitude and generosity. We have first received and therefore we give.

Developing a culture of gratitude and generosity is the focus for growing stewards in many congregations. Through the study of Scripture, we develop a trust in God’s abundance and strive to be faithful disciples and stewards. The formation of these stewards is a lifelong journey, and one in which we accompany each other.

Resources for this journey are available for all age groups, many languages and many contexts. The following resources listed on the right are specific resources for various aspects of congregational stewardship.
  • Bible Study
  • Fundraising: Building a Case Statement
  • Stewardship: The Way of Love
  • Rediscover Macedonia
  • Ventures
  • Walk with Jesus
  • Giving Magazine
  • Stewardship Key Leader
  • Stewardship in Small Membership Congregations
  • Make it Simple
  • Kids, Money, and Stewardship
  • Annual Report Cover
  • Rekindle
  • Money Leadership for Thriving Congregations
  • Online Giving

The Generosity Project

The Generosity Project

The Generosity Project is an intergenerational, household-focused approach to stewardship. Its goals are to connect generations, create centers for the faith practice of generosity, and grow in God’s grace generation to generation.

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