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ELCA advocacy is most effective when Lutherans across the country are involved and active. The ELCA has professional policy staff who help facilitate Lutheran advocacy efforts, but members of Congress want to hear from their constituents — your stories, experiences and influence impact their decisions.

Here are steps you can take right now:

Join the ELCA e-Advocacy Network. By signing up for the ELCA e-Advocacy Network, you will receive legislative updates and key advocacy opportunities in your inbox. You can also share these action alerts with your personal network on social media.

Reach out to your members of Congress by email, letter, or phone — and encourage your congregation to do the same. Each of us has a unique story, and we are part of a larger story that makes up the ELCA. Explain why, as their constituent, issues affect you, your neighbors, your community and our larger world.

Invite your officials to visit your congregation’s ministry or project. Lawmakers are more likely to support helpful legislation when they see firsthand the needs of a community. By reminding our officials of what Lutherans do to serve people in their constituencies and around the world, we establish that we speak from places of compassion, credibility and concern.

Build a relationship with the staff in your member of Congress’ state or district office. Invite this regional staff to your congregation’s events and visit their offices regularly; let them know what positions you’d like your member to take on crucial issues affecting our vulnerable neighbors and God’s creation.

Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, lifting up an issue of concern. Mention your elected officials by name and you will not only reach your fellow constituents, but you will get the attention of your officials’ offices also. Remember the most powerful voice is your own.

If you have a Lutheran State Public Policy office in your state, get involved in this ministry. The ELCA has offices strategically located in several state capitals with the purpose of engaging ELCA members in advocacy for hunger-related issues in the state legislature.

Is your youth group, adult Sunday school class, or other group from your congregation coming to Washington, D.C.? Connect with the ELCA advocacy staff by sending an email.

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