Gathering Details

Churchwide Assembly

The 500th anniversary of the Reformation is an opportunity to rejoice in the life-giving, liberating power of the gospel. As part of the observance, we invite you to attend the Grace Gathering, in partnership with the 2016 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. This will be an opportunity to experience the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) when gathered as the ELCA Churchwide Assembly, prepare for further observances of the 500th anniversary and reflect on how the Reformation can continue to guide us today.

“The Grace Gathering will bring people together from all across the ELCA. Participants will see the church in action, worship with churchwide assembly voting members, engage in experiential learning and attend a variety of workshops that will equip congregations and synods with tools to prepare for the 500th anniversary observances. And, you know that when you get a couple of thousand Lutherans together, the singing will be great!”

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton

We give thanks to the Thrivent Financial Foundation, whose generous grant makes our efforts possible.