Our Approach

A Path Forward

Introducing The ELCA Innovation Lab


Our Approach

In every expression of the ELCA, we believe the most effective solutions come about when the humans experiencing a problem are invited into the process of improvement. In truth, there are many solutions to the challenges we encounter as Church in the world. We have an opportunity to work together, innovate with empathy, design with equity, and truly listen to where the Holy Spirit is calling us next.

One Approach: Design Thinking

Have you ever felt stuck in your ministry, as if none of the “solutions” on the shelf quite fit your community’s biggest dreams or challenges? Then design thinking might be for you!

How we think about problems matters. If we jump to a solution without the understanding and partnership of those impacted by the challenge or problem, we may not have the right answers or even be asking the right questions.


Design thinking allows for a shared process of creativity and definition

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