Logging in to the ELCA Directory or MyELCA

Chances are, your preferred email address is already associated with one of our supported login identity providers: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or LinkedIn. If you have an ELCA Community account, or an @elca.org email address, you can also use that.

If your primary email address isn't connected with any of the above identity providers, please create an ELCA Login by going to https://community.elca.org and selecting "New user registration."  After creating your ELCA Login you can return to https://directory.elca.org or https://My.ELCA.org and log in.

If you have trouble accessing the ELCA Directory, or creating or using an ELCA Community login, contact Constituent.Care@elca.org

For help with logging in or using My.ELCA.org, check the getting-started and trouble-shooting tips on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I being asked to grant permission to access my profile and email address?
A: Email address is the key field to enable your access to the ELCA Directory and MyELCA. The churchwide office doesn’t actually use the other information mentioned when you grant access.

Q: I already granted permission to access my profile and email address, why am I being asked again?
A: On October 11, 2018, a switch to a new service for using social logins was required. With that switch, it is likely you’ll need to grant access again. In most cases, you’ll only need to authorize that access once.

Q: I use my Yahoo account to log in. Why am I being prompted to grant permission every time I log in, and when I click to go to my group?
A: Unlike most providers that only prompt for access permission the first time you log in, Yahoo seems to be prompting for permission at the beginning of every session, and the first time when you click to go to a group from your My Groups list. We are working with Yahoo to try to find a solution to this issue.

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