Call Process

The ELCA Call Process is a prayerful way in which the ELCA 65 synods engage their congregations, church-related organizations and rostered leaders  (ordained ministers, associates in ministry, diaconal ministers, deaconesses and candidates for each of these rosters)  in a time of thoughtful assessment and spiritual discernment. Every synod is responsible for the management of the call process within their respective territory.

The Mobility Database System is a web-based system that unites all forms used in the ELCA Call Process (the Rostered Leader Profile, the Ministry Site Profile, Bishop’s Recommendation Form, Seven Reflections, Twelve Reflections, Reference Recommendation) into a churchwide database. Once in the database, information can be compiled to form a summary or “snapshot” of ministry opportunities for rostered leaders, as well as their profiles. This system offers a quick and effective way to share information and improve our common work in the ELCA Call Process.

The transition from Formatta to our new web-based forms is now complete!   Thank you for your patience during these past few months.   If you have questions about the access or use of the new forms please contact the Call Process Administrators in your synod office.   You may also call or e-mail:

Marcia Johnson
Office of the Presiding Bishop 
Toll Free: 1-800-638-3522 Ext. 2890

Interested in seeing samples of the forms used in call process? You may download each of the following forms for your study and review as you prepare to enter the call process.
These forms are samples only; they cannot be submitted to the Mobility Database.

  • Ministry Site Profile (MSP)
  • Rostered Leader Profile (RLP)
  • MSP Reference Recommendation
  • RLP Reference Recommendation
  • MSP Seven Reflections (optional)
  • RLP Twelve Reflections (optional)


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