Campuses and Grants and Matching Funds, oh my!


​We’re announcing a wonderful opportunity for students at ELCA campus ministries, colleges and universities. (Actually it’s more like TWO wonderful opportunities!)

Wonderful opportunity #1: All money that is raised on ELCA campuses or by ELCA campus ministries to benefit the  ELCA Malaria Campaign will be matched. Thanks to a generous gift from the Sorenson family, we can match all money raised, dollar for dollar, up to $125,000.  That means we can make a $250,000 impact on malaria in Africa! The ELCA Malaria Campaign will raise $15 million by 2015… that gives us a few more academic years to work with!

Wonderful opportunity #2: We can even give you some seed money to help your fund-raising efforts!  We have two different types of grants available. We have eight social media grants of $500 to help you put together a social media campaign (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to raise money for the ELCA Malaria Campaign. And we have twelve campus programming grants of $1,500 each, to help you put together a campus-wide effort to raise money to fight malaria. Check it out.

We’d love to see each and every ELCA college, university and campus ministry participate in this matching challenge! We only have 20 grants to give away, but the matching challenge applies to every ELCA campus or campus ministry.

Maybe you don’t have thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars to spare. Maybe you’re feeling flat-out broke.

But consider this: $10 buys a net, and delivers it to a household at risk, and provides the education so that the family knows how and why to use a mosquito net. (Read: $10 can save the life of everyone sleeping under that net.)

Consider this: $2 buys a dose of medication to treat someone who has malaria. Treatment within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms drastically lowers the mortality rate of malaria. (Read: $2 can save a life. )

Consider this: $2 buys a dose of medication that can prevent malaria from taking the life of a pregnant woman and her baby.  Women who receive this treatment during pregnancy are far more likely to deliver healthy, malaria-free newborns. (Read: $2 can save two lives.)

Plus, all of your donations get doubled. Kind of makes your pocket change seem more powerful, doesn’t it?

So, students, please do the following:

1.) Go to

2.) Fill out a grant application and send it in…

3.) … and get to work saving lives.