Book and CD about the Bible


"Introducing the Bible" with CD-ROM by John Drane is a reader-friendly resource for the beginning student in the study of the Bible. It combines Drane's two informative and popular earlier works, "Introducing the Old Testament" and "Introducing the New Testament," and adds a new CD-ROM.

In this volume, Drane covers the entire Bible. The reader is introduced to each book, but key issues that reading the Bible raises are covered in special articles concerning authorship, theology, history, literature and the cultures of ancient Israel and the earliest followers of Jesus.

Drane writes in an accessible style, and the volume includes hundreds of illustrations — tables, charts, photos, maps and line drawings. The CD-ROM allows the reader to use the book interactively. The Libronix software offers not only the full text of the book and links to the biblical references but also such extensive additional study materials as chapter summaries, questions for review and discussion, and Web links. Each biblical citation is hyperlinked to the text of the NRSV Bible.

Drane has taught biblical studies in the United States, Scotland and Australia.

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