Doing God’s work in the world calls for leaders who bring a variety of training, skills, interests and life experiences to the work they do in congregations, communities and partner organizations. Many of these leaders are called to serve as rostered leaders.

Rostered leaders carry out the work and mission of this church, sharing God’s love with the world through the good news of Jesus Christ. The different types of rostered leaders in the ELCA include:
  • Ordained Ministry. Ordained ministers, or pastors, serve with active, courageous faith to offer the hope of the sacraments and to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in congregations and other ministry settings.
  • Associates in Ministry. These lay leaders serve in congregations and other ministries of the ELCA, and often focus on learning ministries, family ministries, youth, administration, volunteer ministry, social services, music or parish nursing.
  • Diaconal Ministers. Diaconal ministers seek healing and justice in the world and work to equip others to lead a living, active and caring Christian life.
  • Deaconesses. The ELCA Deaconess Community supports women who are called to service, Christian witness and to connect the church with the needs of the world.
  • Specialized Calls. From chaplains to interim ministry to campus ministry, the ELCA calls rostered leaders to specialized calls within this church and the world.
Every rostered leader goes through theological training and a candidacy process. The candidacy process raises up, prepares, certifies and places public leaders in the ELCA. Family, friends, congregations, ministry organizations, synods, seminaries and staff from the churchwide organization all play important roles in this process. Do you have a sense that God may be calling you to serve as a rostered leader in the ELCA? We welcome the opportunity to help you with your discernment, and explore what opportunities are available to you for preparation and serving in a leadership role.