Domestic Hunger Grants Program

The ELCA World Hunger-funded Domestic Hunger Grants Program supports ministries that offer hope and assistance to many thousands of people who experience poverty and hunger in the United States. These grants do more than just give food to people who are hungry – in addition to immediate relief programs, ELCA World Hunger Domestic Hunger Grants fund projects in advocacy, community development, community-based organizing and relief that strengthen the foundations of communities affected by hunger and poverty.

In 2017, this program allocated a total of $691,810 to support 347 domestic projects and programs ranging from congregational food pantries to urban farms, job training and living-wage advocacy campaigns. ELCA World Hunger-funded Domestic Hunger Grants make a difference. Below is a summary of the dollars allocated in 2017 among the four project categories:

  • Advocacy: 4 programs, $11,500
  • Development: 43 programs, $106,560
  • Organizing: 37 programs, $78,500
  • Relief: 263 programs, $495,250