Review of Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ


[1] Everything about this movie was unexpected.

[2] I expected the scourging and crucifixion, and was prepared for their horror.  I did not expect the constant shoving, pushing, slapping, striking, punching, hitting, whipping, stoning, and spitting, and was unprepared for their torment.

[3] I expected the fountains of blood.  I did not expect the constant bleeding.

[4] I expected to see Jesus beaten.  I did not expect to see him defiant.

[5] I expected to be moved to tears, but not by Mary's love for her son, and the Son's love for his mother.

[6] I expected afterwards to be on my knees in prayer.  Instead I was on my feet in silence.

[7] I expected to have something profound to say.  Instead I find it hard to say anything at all.

[8] "My soul is now troubled, even to the point of death.  Stay awake, and keep watch with me."  To watch this movie is to keep watch with Jesus.  God grant that many will look on him and believe.


© March 2004
Journal of Lutheran Ethics
Volume 4, Issue 3