ELCA New Congregations

Today, many people in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are facing life’s challenges without hearing words of God’s love and forgiveness. The ELCA has an important message to share, and people are ready to hear it — you are welcome here. We share Christ’s love by extending our welcome through new congregations and communities of faith and by supporting our congregations as growing centers for evangelical mission.

Through ELCA New Congregations, we are employing innovative models for starting new congregations: reaching out in areas experiencing rapid population growth, connecting to changing communities, and engaging diverse socio-economic groups, ethnic and multicultural communities, as well as emerging young populations. There are 340 ELCA new-start ministries under development in the United States and the Caribbean through the work of 65 synod mission tables made up of local leaders, directors for evangelical mission and bishops.

As we seek to grow God’s church and extend welcome to all God’s people, we are worshiping in pews, city parks, brew pubs and libraries; we are breaking bread in homes and in shelters, and we are equipping our neighbors with both spiritual and physical sustenance. With our hands, we are doing God’s work of restoring and reconciling communities in God’s name.

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