U.S. Wildfires

The Situation:
Wildfires are an annual occurrence for much of the western United States. Since July 2020, numerous fires have burned over 8.2 million acres across California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and other western states. Hundreds of thousands of people have been under evacuation orders at some point and at least 37 people have died. In California and Colorado, some of the largest fires in each state’s history occurred this year. In California, some of the affected areas are still recovering from the destructive 2018 wildfire season.

Our Response:
Lutheran Disaster Response is engaging with synods and Lutheran social services agencies across California, Colorado, and Oregon to continually assess the situation and determine the best ways to respond. We expect immediate needs may include food and other necessities, as well as emotional and spiritual care for those who have been traumatized. Additionally, we continue to accompany Lutheran Social Services of Northern California and Lutheran Social Services of Southern California as they support long-term recovery following the 2018 wildfire season.

What you can do:
Please pray for the communities that lie in the paths of wildfires in the western United States. May God's healing presence give them peace and hope in their time of need. Pray that God will deliver comfort to those who mourn and strength to those working diligently to contain the fires and care for affected communities.

Your gifts will support wildfire survivors. Gifts to "U.S. Wildfires" will be used in full (100%) to assist those affected by wildfires until the response is complete. Or make a general donation to Lutheran Disaster Response so we can respond to disasters whenever and wherever they strike.

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