Genetics, Faith and Responsibility presents our church's teaching on the human power increasingly unleashed today in genetic research and its applications, with all its questions and complexities. In light of God’s sustained and creative work in creation, the statement recognizes these developments as carrying both promise for abundant good and potential for immeasurable harm.

The statement highlights the biblical view of human beings as innovative stewards who are called to be responsible to the world and one another in accordance with the Golden Rule. It translates the Golden Rule in the contemporary context of unprecedented human power as striving to “Respect and promote the community of life with justice and wisdom” (15). This imperative should be used to direct all activity and use of genetic research and knowledge in medicine, agriculture and other arenas of life. The statement provides guidance for discerning what justice and wisdom mean and points to practices that respect human dignity and encourage Christian community in this age of genetic knowledge. This social statement was adopted by the 2011 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. 

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