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Living Lutheran Articles

A first-of-its-kind education for indigenous leaders – John Potter, 1/9/23 | VIEW

Not a Gift from Anyone – J.R. Jones, 11/21/23 | VIEW

We are leaders, not guest speakers – Kelly Wilkerson and Gabe Wounded Head, 11/30/23 | VIEW

A faithful journey of service in Alaska’s Inupiaq community – Kelly Wilkerson and Shannon Klescewski, 11/29/23 | VIEW

Community is Home – Colleen Bernu, 11/13/23 | VIEW

From words to Action – Isabell Retamoza, 10/9/23 | VIEW

Harmonies and memories – Brenda Blackhawk, 7/6/23 | VIEW

Alaska Daily reports the way to forgiveness for colonial sins – Joe George, 5/31/23 | VIEW

Fully Lutheran and fully Native – Caitlin Sellnow, 2/23/23 | VIEW

A Journey to Reparation - Brenda Blackhawk, 1/3/23 | VIEW

Symposium brings focus to missing and murdered Indigenous women – 11/22/2022 | VIEW

Happy Indigenous People’s Day - Vance Blackfox, 10/11/22 | VIEW

Truth and Healing - Megan Brandsrud, 9/29/22 | VIEW
  In memoriam: Marlene Whiterabbit Helgemo, 1947-2022 - 7/29/22 | VIEW
  I’m a Lutheran: Loni Whitford Taylor - Megan Brandsrud, 6/24/22 | VIEW
  A journey begins - Stephani N. Grimoldby, 5/12/22 | VIEW
  Out Among the People - Michael Weaver, 3/22/22 | VIEW
  Beyond a resolution - JN Shimko, 11/16/21 | VIEW
  Telling the truth about the lands we inhabit - Vance Blackfox, 11/8/21 | VIEW
  ELCA issues declaration to American Indian and Alaska Native people - 10/11/21 | VIEW
  Bishop Eaton, Churches Beyond Borders leaders issue letter on Doctrine of Discovery - 9/23/21 | VIEW

My faith journey: This is my story - Joann Conroy, 11/4/20 | VIEW

2020 Bishop Eaton Indigenous People’s Day statement - 10/12/20 | VIEW

I’m a Lutheran: Mary Huntington - Megan Brandsrud, 7/19/19 | VIEW
  The silent epidemic (and study guide) - Francine Knowles, 11/19/18 | VIEW
  Voices that cannot be forgotten - Francine Knowles, 8/16/18 | VIEW
  I’m a Lutheran: Jennifer Kirby - Megan Brandsrud, 5/31/18 | VIEW
  Eaton issues statement on Standing Rock - 11/14/16 | VIEW
Journal of Lutheran Ethics

Journal of Lutheran Ethics Doctrine of Discovery issue | VIEW

Editor’s Introduction: Understanding the Doctrine of Discovery - Journal of Lutheran Ethics ( Carmelo Santos | VIEW

The Doctrine of Christian Discovery: Lutherans and the Language of Empire - Journal of Lutheran Ethics ( Tink Tinker | VIEW
  A Reflection on the 2016 ELCA Churchwide Assembly’s Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery - Journal of Lutheran Ethics ( Vance Blackfox | VIEW
  Native Nations – Standing Together for Civil Rights - YouTube | VIEW
  2021 Bishop Eaton’s Indigenous People’s Day video message | VIEW
  Declaration of the ELCA to American Indian and Alaska Native People - ELCA Churchwide Assembly 2022 | VIEW
  A Ministry That Empowers People - YouTube | VIEW
Other Resources

Killers of the Flower Moon study guide | VIEW
  A Declaration of the ELCA to American Indian and Alaska Native People | VIEW
  Land Acknowledgement guide | VIEW
  Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery | VIEW
  Strategic plan | VIEW
  Beyond a resolution study guide | VIEW

Resources From Other Organizations


Native Hawaiians fear Maui wildfire destruction will lead to their cultural erasure – CBC | VIEW

Reckoning with their history, Lutherans issue declaration to Indigenous peoples – Religion News Service | VIEW

ELCA Commences Participation in Truth and Healing Movement – Vance Blackfox – Good Faith Media | VIEW

Lutherans launch initiative joining Indigenous-led Truth and Healing Movement – Religion News Service | VIEW

On day of remembrance, churches confront their role in Indigenous boarding schools – Religion News Service | VIEW

15 up-and-coming faith influencers in 2022 (featuring Vance Blackfox) – Religion News Service | VIEW
  Why, and How, You Should Practice the Ritual of Land Acknowledgment - Good Faith Media | VIEW
  Anglican Church of Canada Doctrine of Discovery documentary (and study guide) | VIEW
  Video resources from the Episcopal church | VIEW
Other Resources
  Doctrine of Discovery project | VIEW
  Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) Resolution on the Doctrine of Discovery | VIEW
  ELCIC Resolution on the Doctrine of Discovery - | VIEW
  ELCIC Churches Beyond borders | VIEW
  Native Reads Bookshop | VIEW
  United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples | VIEW