Maps for Congregations and Partners

Congregations have been serving the children and families by being Welcoming Congregations. Many social ministry organizations affiliated with the ELCA are providing services to children and families from Central America. Other partners are providing free legal services to the children seeking asylum. ELCA companions in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are working with youth deported from Mexico and the United States. Learn more about these congregations and partners by clicking on the maps below.

ELCA Welcoming and Sanctuary Congregations and Synods

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This map shows the location of ELCA AMMPARO network congregations and synods. The orange dots are welcoming and sanctuary congregations, the black dots show sanctuary synods and the green dots show AMMPARO/welcoming synods. Click on the map to get further information.

Who does the ELCA work with in Mexico and Central America?

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Here is a map of ELCA and AMMPARO international companions in Central America and Mexico. Click on the map to get further information.