Help for logging into ELCA accounts


Your security and experience on are important to us. Users will be able to access all three of our systems with a single login. You may also log in with supported social media and email provider accounts. This change will help you manage your accounts and information more easily.

The two systems on described below require logins to access information. With this change, a single login will provide access to all three systems. Additional ELCA systems will support this single login in the future.

  1. ELCA Community is where individuals, leaders and synod staff apply as candidates for ministry, manage mobility information and profiles, and register for events.
  2. ELCA Directory serves as a directory of congregations, rostered ministers, and entities of this church, and provides other information as well as statistical material.

If you’re already using an email account to log into an ELCA system, you can continue using that account. If you need to reset your password, click “Don’t remember your password?” to have a reset-password link sent to you.

If you’re a new or existing ELCA user, chances are that your preferred email address is already associated with one of our login-identity providers: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft or Yahoo. You may log in using one of these providers.

You need not use one of these providers to log in. To create a new ELCA login account, you can also use an email address as your username and a password of your choosing. Please use a personal address (e.g., not a public or shared one (e.g.,

If you have trouble accessing any of these systems, please contact


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a personal email address and not a shared one?

Because you’ll use your ELCA login for many years, you’ll want to choose an email account unlikely to be changed or shared by others (e.g., That way, if you change jobs or roles, you’ll still have access to your ELCA accounts.


All things being equal, should I set up my login through a social media account such as Facebook or create an ELCA Community account with an email address?

Use the type of account you think is less likely to change over time. To make logging in easier, use your primary day-to-day email account (e.g. Gmail,, or the Facebook account you use every day. If your primary email address isn’t associated with one of the providers listed on the login page (e.g. you receive email through your cable or phone company), then an ELCA Community account is a good choice for you.


I have personal Hotmail and Gmail addresses. Does it matter which one I use to log in to ELCA sites?

Choose the one you use most often, are likely to keep for a long time and have utilized as the primary address for your interactions with the ELCA.


I’m trying to create a new account, but I’m being told the username already exists. Why?

It’s important that you use a personal email address unlikely to be changed or used by others (e.g., Are you using an email address that may have been used by someone before you? Try again using a personal email address. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us.


I’m using a social login. Why am I being asked to grant permission to access my profile and email address?
“Email address” is the key field to enable your access. Social media providers require that you permit them to use your email address for authentication.


I have an existing username and password. Why aren’t they working anymore?

If your existing username isn’t an email address, you’ll need to create a new account using an email address as your username.



How do I sign up?

Once you start to log in on one of the ELCA systems, you’ll see the login screen. Click the “Sign Up” tab and pick one of the social media/email providers with which you have an account. (Left to right, the icons stand for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Yahoo.) If you don’t have or want to use a social-media login, enter your personal email and password to create an ELCA Community account. Through that process you’ll receive an email to verify your account.


How do I reset my password?

Click “Don’t remember your password?,” then enter your username (your email address) and select “Send Email.” You will receive an email from ELCA Community. If you don’t receive the email, check your junk and spam filters. Use the link in the email to reset your password. You will be redirected to the login page after the successful reset of your password.


My bookmarks don't work, what now?

If you bookmarked the login page for an ELCA online system prior to 3/29/2020, that page may not load now that a new login system has been implemented. Likewise, now if you bookmark a particular page after a successful login to an ELCA system, you may find that the bookmark doesn't work on another day because that particular web session has expired. So, the links you should use for your bookmarks are: for ELCA Community and for the ELCA Directory.


I already have an email address as my ELCA login username. How can I change the username?

You’ll need to create a new account. Please allow two business days for your information to be linked to and displayed in your new account.


I’m trying to reset my password, but I’m not getting the password-reset email.

Check your junk, spam and trash filters. If you still can’t find the email, the email address you’ve entered may not be in our system or be associated with your account. Please log in by creating a new account.


I get an "invalid email" message when filling out the new user profile

At the present time, the profile form only accepts lower case characters for your email address. This bug will be fixed soon.


I’ve made updates to my profile but don’t see them reflected yet. Why not?

It can take up to two business days for profile changes to be processed and displayed. Please check back later.


I get a blank screen trying to log in or create an ELCA Profile. What do I do?

Browsers cache a lot of data from previous visits that may be interfering with your current session. Find instructions for clearing your browser cache here: You can also try opening a browser windows in private (aka incognito) mode. As a temporary measure, this will help set aside the browser history and sometimes extensions and plugins that might be causing an issue with the site you're trying to use. This article covers how to start private browsing in the most popular browsers. 


I see Auth0 or ELCAAuth in login prompts, what is Auth0?

Auth0 is the "identity management service" that the ELCA uses to support multiple ways to log in to ELCA web services.


I'm a LinkedIn user and I've logged in before, why am I being asked to complete a Profile?

With LinkedIn you can have a Primary email address and alternate email addresses for logging in, Whatever address you use when logging in to ELCA systems through LinkedIn will be the one associated with your ELCA account. If you switch between different addresses on your LinkedIn account, you run the risk of creating multiple ELCA logins. For consistency, if you're a LinkedIn user, maybe stick with using your Primary LinkedIn email address to log in to ELCA systems.


What browser should I use for ELCA websites?

Any modern browser should work fine. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and may encounter issues when logging in to or using ELCA systems.


I’m having trouble logging in. How do I get help?

Please contact us by completing this form.