One Body Many Members

A journey for Christians across race, culture and class

"One Body, Many Members" is a faith-based journey of discovery to learn, share and proclaim God’s intention of oneness among people of every racial, ethnic and class background. How do we find that unity in a world as diverse as ours? How can we build up “one body” as strong as that?

These materials will lead you through the lands of race, culture and class in the United States, to meet God every step of the way. You will practice skills you need to know to speak the language of welcome and show actions of caring. You will sense more clearly God’s purpose for you in today’s world.

Part 1: One Body, Similar Members, Leadership Readiness

The process of building a leadership team and preparing for the journey is an important first step for your group or congregation. Use these resources to support your team.

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Part 2: Meeting our Neighbors Again for the First Time

In this section, we will look at how we can meet our neighbors with a deeper recognition of our cultural biases, expand our awareness of culture and how it shapes lives and relationships.

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Part 3: One Body, Many Members, Challenges of Diversity

What do we do now? The journey of transformation is not easy and certainly not conflict free. These materials will help guide discussion and biblical study.

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