Commercial Sexual Exploitation

The social message on “Commercial Sexual Exploitation” seeks to raise awareness of an industry that sexually exploits vulnerable people, especially women and girls. The message addresses the businesses of prostitution, pornography and stripping, among other activities of exploitation, that are built on the exchange of money for sexual activity. It highlights the system of sexual exploitation as a manifestation of social sin. Turning sex into a commodity magnifies the social injustices that undermine human dignity and tends to dominate people who are created in the image of God.

This message calls us to engage in many forms of action to curb sex trafficking, challenge major corporations that profit from pornography and give particular attention to preventing youth from becoming captives and victims of sexual exploitation. 

You can read or download the full social message on “Commercial Sexual Exploitation.” This social message was adopted in 2001 by the Church Council of the ELCA.

Social Message (en)

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