Draft Social Statement on Women and Justice

The ELCA Task Force on Women and Justice: One in Christ invites you to read and evaluate the “Draft of a Social Statement on Women and Justice.” To learn more about social statements and how they’re created, check out our FAQ. Receiving input from all spheres of the church is essential to create a strong social statement.

Click here to download a digital copy of the draft. Physical copies of the draft can be ordered here.

Click here to download a copy of the draft in Spanish.

The due date for submitting feedback to the draft was September 30, 2018. If you sent in a response to the Women and Justice Task Force in any format - letter, email, response form, phone call, in person, or otherwise - thank you! Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and your participation is incredibly value to this process. Please know that all feedback was read by members of the task force.

What comes next? The task force is working on revising the draft in light of the comments received and in the spring will provide a Proposed Social Statement to the ELCA Church Council as the statement moves toward consideration at the August 2019 Churchwide Assembly .    

What is a hearing? A hearing is a synodically recognized opportunity for people to respond to specific parts of the text.

Is there a hearing near me? Click here for a calendar of hearings and for resources on hearings.

Additional Resources which can aid your reading of the Draft:

FAQ: This document answers frequently asked questions about the draft and the social statement process.

Overview: This document outlines a brief synopsis of the draft.

Brochure: This downloadable brochure explains more about the comment period and how to participate.

Timeline: This page charts the work of the task force through 2019.

Discussion Group Tips: This document provides tips for congregational discussion groups, including suggestions for how to study the draft over multiple sessions.