Bureau for Federal Chaplaincy

We support the work and ministries of our chaplains serving people of all ages who serve in the U.S. military and other federal agencies and institutions through the Bureau for Federal Chaplaincy Ministries of the ELCA. Its work includes the recruitment, support, coordination and continuing education of men and women serving in federal chaplaincies around the world in some of the most challenging contexts and conditions.

More specifically, the Bureau for Federal Chaplaincy Ministries provides:
  • Continuing education and spiritual nurture for chaplaincies
  • Liaison between federal agencies and the ELCA
  • Recruitment of chaplains (administrative assistance)
  • Ongoing communication with chaplains
  • Deepening and strengthening of ties between chaplains and the ELCA
  • Active participation within the interfaith chaplain community
  • Materials to support chaplaincy ministries as they work with military personnel, families and their home congregations and communities
Please contact us if you have questions about the work of federal chaplains, the process for becoming a chaplain, or what support and resources are available to pastors who serve in this special ministry.

ELCA Bureau for Federal Chaplains at 202-626-3846.