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The ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program places volunteers in the United Kingdom through a long-standing relationship with our ecumenical partner, Time for God. YAGM volunteers in the UK join a larger network of volunteers from around the world who serve in urban and rural settings throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

YAGM volunteers serving in the United Kingdom will wrestle deeply with what it means to live and serve as a person of faith in an increasingly secularized culture. They will also learn to draw parallels between socioeconomic and spiritual challenges present both in the UK and in the United States. Discovering these parallels allow YAGM volunteers to develop fresh perspectives and skills for analyzing and addressing social and congregational ministry needs when they return to the US context.

The ecumenical nature of the UK program provides YAGM volunteers the opportunity to experience different expressions of the Christian faith, while encouraging them to articulate the particular contributions of the Lutheran tradition. As part of a wider network of international volunteers, YAGM serving in the United Kingdom will also have the unique opportunity to live, serve, and learn with other young adults from places as diverse as South Korea, Uganda, Germany, and Hungary.

Examples of service opportunities include: 

  • Working with people experiencing homelessness
  • Serving in live-in addiction recovery centers
  • Caring for children with special needs
  • Serving as a tutor and mentor to at-risk youth
  • Leading a youth ministry, music, or education program in a local congregation
  • Leading youth clubs or school assemblies
  • Working in a drop-in center for the elderly
  • Joining a team running a Christian conference center

Other opportunities may be available depending on your interests and talents.

Because of the wide variety of placement opportunities available through the Time for God partnership, the YAGM program in the UK is able to accept volunteers as young as 21 years of age.

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