Climate Care

Acting upon a request from several sources, in November 2021 the ELCA Church Council authorized the development of an ELCA social message on climate care. Social messages are ELCA teaching documents that address a focused social topic. Drawing from existing social teaching, they provide theological rationale and social analysis to foster discernment and engagement on a relatively narrow social issue. This project was authorized in light of the grim contemporary situation affecting our global home and the need for fresh action on the part of this church. It draws its framing themes from several social statements, particularly Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope, and Justice.

In line with standard ELCA protocol, the project is being shepherded by the ELCA Director for Theological Ethics, working with a lead writer in collaboration with a group of reviewers.

A draft social message on climate crisis was posted for public comment September to December, 2022. Click here for the report summarizing the results of the survey tool from that period. Those results, along with emails and other written pieces are being considered as the draft is revised.

The revised text will be reviewed by members of the Conference of Bishops and Church Council during late winter and a proposed text will be acted upon at the April Church Council meeting. Though the survey is closed, additional comments can be shared by email.